Professional Without A Blazer

Happy Monday!

I know those two words are not supposed to go together but without Monday there’s no Tuesday and well that means we never get to Friday. Today I wanted to share with you a couple of looks I put together over the weekend to show that you can look professional without wearing a blazer. Two things cannot be denied here. 1. Blazers do make you look incredibly well put together, professional, clean, and assertive. 2. Miami is ridiculously hot and blazers sometimes are not the way to go for us.

Recently it has been a little chilly here so I am including an outfit for those four hours of Winter we enjoy here in Miami.

My favorite way to slay the day at work is with a statement dress. Dresses make me feel powerful and intelligent. Many of them I find at Marshalls or TJ Maxx, but they are brand name so I will link a few options below. This dress was one of those items that had an aura around it when I saw it at TJ Maxx. I just had to have it and it has not failed me yet. You also can never go wrong with a black and white dress. It screams elegance and radiates all sorts of Chanel vibes that make people realize you mean business.




Shades are Chanel from Nordstrom and a similar pair can be found here. Dress is from TJ Maxx but it is Calvin Klein and a similar one is on sale here. Shoes are Jones New York with the most comfortable padding that enable me to stand all day and not hate myself for it. I bought them at TJ Maxx as well a while ago but found a similar pair at DSW on sale here. (P.S. Pointed heels are a staple of mine so brace thyselves for many more.) My watch is Kate Spade in duo-tone and can be found here.

“Work until your Idols become your Equals.”

You can wear a turtleneck in Miami and not pass out. It’s all about balance. That morning have iced coffee instead of Cuban coffee. I’ve worn this outfit before with riding boots and it is just as cute but not as empowering. The turtleneck is from a boutique here in Miami that cannot be found anywhere else. It’s really thin but is snug enough to not have one freeze in a “Miami Winter”.



Other options for turtlenecks here, here, and here. The skirt is vintage Ann Taylor (read: from my mom’s closet) but you can achieve the same look with this skirt from Banana Republic. Shoes are also Ann Taylor and they are my favorite pair of shoes in existence. I couldn’t find them online, but here is a great option.

I hope you enjoyed these looks! Get ready for more to come.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. All of these items were purchased by me or permanently borrowed from my mother’s closet.



3 Things To Do on Miami “Winter” Days

Miami mainly has one season and that’s SUMMER (read in Olaf voice)! It’s warm here most of the time but every once in a while Mother Nature gives us a break and allows us to wear Uggs boots in a frigid 67 degrees. (I know…you’re from Colorado and it’s -67 half the year. We pray for you.)

This weekend it’s supposed to drop into the 40’s which is unheard of but we are, needless to say, ecstatic! I wanted to share a few things you can do here in Miami when the weather isn’t at melting temperatures.

Hit The Beach!


Yes, you read that correctly. The beach is so beautiful when it’s cooler here in Miami. They’re typically empty early in the mornings and it’s a refreshing way to start your morning. We really enjoy having a breakfast picnic at Bill Baggs State Park (for Miamians who don’t know…that’s “El Farito”.) Use those blankets you buy at Home Goods and never use because it’s too hot here for a blanket and cuddle up on the sand with a good book. Can’t go wrong with the ocean, a cool breeze, and some delicious food.

Outdoor Shopping!

Miami is not the place for outdoor malls, but we have so many of them I’d need an entire blog to list them for you. I really enjoy visiting The Falls or Merrick Park when the weather is cooler because it is a much more enjoyable experience than it would be on any other day. Yardhouse at Merrick Park has a lovely view of the mall if you choose outdoor seating. Miracle Mile is an excellent spot to stroll down, but right now I’d steer clear because of the massive amounts of construction.


Right next to Bayside at the Bayfront Park you can take outdoor yoga classes that regularly feel like sauna yoga. You can also enjoy the many parks around Miami-Dade County that offer exercise equipment for a solid workout. My favorite place to burn some calories is Tropical Park because it is close to home and big enough for me to see a lake, some ducks, the one “mountain” in Miami and then I can take it a step further and walk to La Carreta on Bird Road and enjoy a warm coffee. Can’t go wrong with Cuban coffee.

Enjoy wearing your sweaters for a few days fellow Miamians!


Welcome 2018!

Happy New Year!

2018 arrived way faster than I expected. It’s only the second day and I am already filled with ideas and goals that I am eager to see come into fruition. Hopefully you all are overwhelmed with joy and excitement as well. For the past two years I have been applying the following three tips to make sure I have a productive, healthy and fun year. I wanted to share them with you in hopes that you will find some inspiration and/or motivation to have your best year yet.

Write It Down

There are so many amazing applications out there for reminders and for scheduling. I use a few of them and find them quite useful, but I always find myself going back to pen and paper. I have a planner that I bought at Marshall’s a few months ago. It runs for almost two years which helps me stick to one book rather than having to keep purchasing agendas. Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, Target, Walmart, and Amazon have tons of affordable options when it comes to agendas and notebooks that are easy to tote around.

I write out my monthly goals and events so I know what I need to plan outfits for and what I need to get gifts for. It really helps when I budget out my month to know that I need to incorporate a baby shower gift or six bottles of wine for a dinner party. As for my goals, I typically lay out different things for the year. For example: I have my dental appointments set up for February and August. I know that in January I have to schedule my dentist appointment. (Miami doctor appointments are nightmares so you need at least a month in advance.) If colors help you, go for it. I separate items by pages. (School, Work, Life, Shopping, Goals, etc.)

Let It Out. Let It Go.

The new year is my favorite time to declutter all aspects of my life. I start with my email inbox and my phone notifications. The best thing I have done for myself in the past couple months is deactivating my social media accounts that have nothing to do with the blog and turning off notifications. I have become much more productive and more organized. The constant ringing of my phone between work and personal emails was going to have me roll my eyes into another dimension. I left the work ones on and I check my personal emails twice a day. For my emails, I unsubscribed from everything I don’t read.

I went through my make-up last week and threw away everything that was expired, oxidized, or just not my style anymore. I managed to put everything in one organizer and my palettes in a drawer. (I apologize to the make-up obsessed. Make-up expires and I don’t need a crazy amount of it if I know what works well for me. I love make-up, but I hate waste.) I did the same with my clothing and undies. Most of it I posted on my Poshmark and the other items I donated. Cleaning up and tidying up makes me feel refreshed and ready to conquer. If my work and living space are clear, my mind will not go haywire.

Document Life

Life flies by. It truly does. Five minutes ago I was graduating in April 2017 and it’s now January 2018. Where did time go? One of my biggest passions is memorabilia. I love holding onto things without hoarding. My magnets from my travel serve as office decorations, so it’s not clutter. However, the best type of memory is the one where you and your loved ones are involved. Photographs and videos are my number one thing. They do not have to necessarily go on social media, but I know of families and couples that share an account on Instagram to keep things all in one place. What I do is I use the Snapfish application and order 100 prints each month. Some photos I order doubles and triples of for grandma’s and mother’s-in-law. It keeps everyone in the loop and I can scrapbook to decompress.

Happy New Year!


*Disclaimer: The stores and services mentioned here did not sponsor this post. The photos I order on Snapfish I pay with my own money and the same goes for the agendas and notebooks.

Gift Guide: Miami Edition

Happy Shopping Madness Season!

A trend in 2017 that I have seriously enjoyed is how much positive popularity Miami has gained thanks to several entrepreneurs who had a vision and ran with it. I wanted to highlight a few of them because they’re worth all the praise in the world.

Martha of Miami

I love attention to detail. I love puns. I love satire. I love graphic tees. Martha from Martha of Miami manages to nail all those in her work. She also has mugs, tank tops, bathing suits, dad caps, and the famous batas de casa.

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 4.44.47 PM

You’re not from Miami if you don’t understand that greatness that this design is. It basically captures Miami and its diversity in its entirety. From Walter Mercado to the Cuban dominoes. If it’s from Miami, she’s got you.

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 4.54.05 PM

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 4.54.37 PM.png

My personal favorite is the Cuban Bred t-shirt. It combines my heritage with my favorite item on every Cuban menu…Cuban bread. The sticker on the lower right corner is the brand’s claim to fame…the Pina Colada. A play on words with photos like no other. You can find her amazing items for your family this Christmas on

The Salty Donut

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 4.38.10 PM.png

A picture is worth a thousand words. The geniuses at The Salty Donut craft these gorgeous creations on a daily basis for their ever growing customer count. They are the year round Knaus Berry farm and they never get old. They transform your taste buds in such a way that any other doughnut tastes like cardboard. People stand in line for HOURS to have their lives revolutionized by the place. Your family and friends will love you forever and ever if you show up with a box of these for Christmas or you can turn it into a family outing. Have a Nutella one on me.

Hubs & Hers

Technically they’re not in Miami, but they’re close enough in Florida to be considered. Hubs and Hers is a business owned by a young couple who are so madly in love with each other, they decided to turn that love into a business. They make it all. Mugs, shirts, keychains, and even flannel shirts. Couples nowadays really do not appreciate each other as much as we should. Loyalty, respect, and compassion is something we need to give each other more. This company is a fabulous way to express your love to your significant other. Married or not!


Their claim to fame comes from the “His Babe” collection and their witty ways of making love cool again.

Any Miami business I miss? Let me know!

Disclaimer: This post isn’t sponsored. I wrote this because I wanted to highlight Miami businesses and celebrate their hard work.

Happy Shopping!



Do’s & Don’ts: Chicago Edition

Hello Everyone!

Slowly but surely I plan on making Miami Obsessed a travel and fashion blog. In that process I decided that an important step would be to offer my tips and tricks when it comes to certain cities. Today I want to share my (AMAZING) Chicago experience. I will be describing Chicago in the winter because that is when I visited.



  • Make sure to pack thermals and warm clothing because Chicago winters are no joke and the wind is unforgiving. This Miami girl was freezing!
  • Invest in a CityPass — it includes the Shedd Aquarium, the Skydeck (which isn’t for everyone), and The Field Museum just to name a few. The CityPass pays for itself and you get to visit all the main tourist points in Chicago.
  • Try Chicago style pizza. I, personally, did not enjoy it because I am not a fan of sauce but it’s great to say that I tried it.
  • Go in the “off-season” because Chicago can get packed and quickly.
  • Visit the Magnificent Mile! If you’re a bargain shopper like I am, you need to visit the TJ Maxx and the Marshall’s. The quality is so different.
  •  Have appetizers at the Purple Pig — we really enjoyed our time there and we met some interesting folks.
  • Drink the most delicious hot chocolate you have ever had at Dollop Coffee Company  — their chocolate chip cookies are also life changing. (The irish pub next door makes the best hash for brunch. I wasn’t blogging then so I forgot the name, but I know it was amazing.)
  • Take some time to visit the Navy Pier. Definitely an interesting sight and you’re close to the Bean!


I took this from the John Hancock building. If you are not a fan of heights, do not eat here and do not visit the Skydeck.


The Adler Planetarium is where I’d have my wedding if I lived in Chicago. You can tell that a lot of thought and detail is put into enabling visitors to interact with their exhibits. (Fun Fact: You get a ticket to their space show when you buy the CityPass!)


  • Walk around without a lip balm. You will seriously hate yourself for not moisturizing your skin and your lips. The wind, like I said, is unforgiving.
  • Jaywalk. In Chicago this is apparently frowned upon.
  • Visit any of the viewing building if you are afraid of heights or elevators. It takes a minute to get to the top of the SkyDeck and it takes another minute to get back down. You can visit the “Tilt!” attraction if you really want an adrenaline rush — I passed on that.
  • Expect to have cell signal when you’re high up in the buildings.
  • Only drink Starbuck’s coffee. Chicago has delicious little coffee shops that allow you to explore.


If you have any questions — you can email me at: OR visit me on Instagram (@miamiobsessed)!


Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. These are my own opinions and anything I suggest purchasing in this post, I purchased with my own money.


Date Night Idea: Miami Heat Game

Hi Everyone!

The word boring never comes to mind when describing Miami. There is always something to do in Miami and because of that sometimes things may get overwhelming and we end up not doing anything. I wanted to start a new series called: “Date Night Idea” where I will feature something to do in Miami that might inspire you on your next date night.

My boyfriend and I (read: my boyfriend) are Miami Heat season ticket holders. (In case you are wondering…no we are not over the fact that Dwayne Wade left.) We really enjoy the sport and the games are incredibly exciting. Not to mention the amount of celebrities there is insane.



Tickets are pretty affordable and you can always count on one, unless it’s the Playoffs. When we don’t have tickets, but we want to see a team we typically go onto Ticketmaster OR we check StubHub.

Food & Drinks

If I am having an “adult beverage” I typically order the Bacardi Double Mojito. These are pricey, but if you’re like me and you milk your drinks you will be fine. Food this season is a little different. There are a few new vendors and they decided to take away the best one (Pincho Factory) which is truly depressing. This past game we went to against the Chicago Bulls was my first game this season. I had my usual drink, but ordered the worst nachos at Bodega. Their tacos are amazing, but the nachos are really dry, so my advice is to steer clear. Haagen Daaz is always a favorite as well.



You can pretty much go as casual as you’d like (this does not mean pajamas) but I am not the type of person that is casual so I always wear heels.

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 10.29.57 PM.png

Outfit details: Shoes are from Nordstrom by Michael Kors (super old); Jeans: Black High-Waisted from Forever 21; Jersey: Miami Heat Dwayne Wade #3.


Lemon Garlic Salmon

Hello Lovelies!

One of my favorite things to do is cook and this recipe I am sharing today is one of my favorite (and best recipes) of all time. It is an easy dinner for two that takes less than an hour to make.

Lemon Garlic Salmon


  • Salmon
  • Lemon Pepper
  • Non-stick Cooking Spray
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Garlic Salt
  • Optional: Garlic Butter, Lime Juice.


  • Baking Sheet
  • Aluminum Foil

Cooking Steps:


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  2. Place salmon on baking sheet already sprayed with nonstick-spray. (Note: We buy our salmon at Costco. You just need to make sure it is defrosted completely when cooking. We also really enjoy the Kirkland brand cooking spray because it is a way better value than PAM at Costco.)

DSC_0394.JPG3. Sprinkle a generous coat of the lemon pepper and garlic salt over the salmon after drizzling some of the extra virgin olive oil over it. Rub it in and cover the pan with aluminum foil. (Sometimes I add a little bit of garlic butter in the center so it melts when cooking and I spread it over before serving. You can also add lime juice, which makes a huge difference.)

4. Bake in oven at 400 degrees for 25 minutes.


I hope your family enjoys this recipe as much as my boyfriend does.