Opening Day!

The most glorious day of the year is upon us. It’s OPENING DAY!

My parents started dating the year the Florida Marlins were inaugurated as a team. Basically, my parents started dating at baseball games and I watched no other sport as a kid. When I met Mister Miami I started enjoying basketball a little bit more, but baseball will always have my heart. I’m a bit worried this season because Mr. Jeter pulled a Loria and sent all our stars away, but maybe new stars will align.

Although I will be missing the game tomorrow, thanks to the flu attacking 90% of the people in my house (I’ve escaped), I’m pretty thrilled to go to as many games as possible this season. Praying that my Pan con Minuta at Don Camaron is still available. If you have not tried that sandwich, do yourself a favor and head on over there.

New seasons require new gear and I’ve found some deals for you at the MLB Shop! I ordered a hat for my dad because God forbid he goes into 2018 without a fresh Marlins cap.

 Shop for official Miami Marlins fan gear from Majestic, Nike and New Era at

Go Fish!



Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored, but the banner does have an affiliate link with MLB Shop. That means I’ll receive a portion/commission if you purchase through my link.



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