Easter Baskets for Boys

Hi There!

Holy Week is upon us and many of us are getting ready for Easter festivities this weekend. I wanted to offer some last minute inspiration for Easter baskets. Specifically for boys because that seems to be a tougher thing to get away with in a season where it is pretty much all pink and glittery.

The age range in my household is 7-15. One is interested in Hot Wheels and the other one wants a real set of wheels. The Easter bunny can only accommodate to one child and that child doesn’t require State Farm.

Boys Ages 5-10


A couple days ago when I was filling the insane amount of eggs we will be laying out for the boys, I mentioned a little hack of mine that has saved us time and fights for years now. We tell each child that they are to look for a specific color egg. This year I spiced it up a little bit and bought sports themed eggs based on the sport each child plays. The youngest one plays Soccer so he will have Soccer eggs with another plain colored egg. Each child has 1 golden egg (I honestly feel that the grandparents need to fill that one up with $$) and we fill that one up with different knick knacks or money.

Little man will be getting a hoodie this year that he asked for when we made a trip to Target (hoodie can be found here), some M&Ms, and a pack of Hot Wheel cars that hasn’t arrived yet making my blog flat lay a flat flop. (Tip: Dollar Tree sells large candy boxes for $1.) The basket and all eggs are from Walmart.

Other Item Ideas

  • Assorted candies.
  • Socks.
  • Crayons/Markers with Coloring Book.
  • Board Game.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Baseball hat.
  • Basketball/Football.

Boys Ages 11-15


Lately I’ve been asked a lot why the fifteen year old still does Easter egg hunts. “Isn’t he a little too old?” He may be but he’s an exceptional older brother and he makes sure to keep the magic alive for little man. Plus he knows that we fill some of the eggs with money so that’s an easy way to score $20. The fact is that we’re never too old for candy, money or magic.

His basket is pretty much the same except teenagers require a little more tactic. Considering that he won’t be doing much more growing, his hoodie was an investment. We opted for an Under Armour hoodie (Full Zip version can be found here.) At 15 you’re obviously too cool for M&Ms so you get Sour Patch candies. We also ordered him a poster but he grabbed it from the mailbox and propped it up himself.

Other Ideas

  • Posters.
  • Socks.
  • Keychains for backpack.
  • Posters.
  • Graphic Tees.
  • Movie Tickets.
  • Cologne/Deodorant.

Before I go I wanted to encourage you all to check out the various egg hunt activities going on at Jungle Island, Zoo Miami, Pinecrest Gardens, and Tropical Park. They are usually inexpensive and filled with loads of fun for the entire family. I sincerely hope this is helpful for you all! May your Easter be blessed and filled with tons of love, family, and Reeses cups.


Disclaimer: All these items were purchased by me. This post is not sponsored by any of the retailers mentioned above. The ideas expressed here are my own as are the photos.




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