Women Who Wine

On March 21st I had the pleasure of attending my very first #WomenWhoWine event hosted by the lovely Natalie Leon from Wine With Nat. This time around she hosted the event at Tarpon Bend on Miracle Mile in Coral Gables. I need to revisit that place and try the spicy calamari again, except this time I am not sharing it.


I had been wanting to attend one of the events for about a year now, but they were either sold out or we had prior commitments. The moment I found out about this one and I saw my calendar, miraculously empty, I went ahead and purchased the ticket.

I have to admit I was a bit nervous when I got there because I had a feeling I would be the youngest woman there and well…I was right. For some reason, younger women are immediately written off because they “lack life experience” but the truth is that no one really know what experience you have or don’t until you let them know…so I let them know.


Can I tell you how amazing a little personal confidence boost to yourself is? Maybe it was the wine…maybe it was the Coco Chanel. Whatever it was, I realized that I should highlight what empowers me and that’s exactly what I did. At the event we had to write post-it notes about what empowered us. I wrote, “Shoes, Travel, Books, and knowledge empowers me.” Those are just a few things, but they’re the main things.

Each table consisted of 6 women and my table was truly extraordinary. We laughed and cried and worked together on creating a project to help out homeless teenaged girls and women whom have been victims of domestic violence.


I want to encourage you all to attend the next event Natalie hosts. You will meet remarkable women and enjoy some of the most delicious wine around.


Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. I wrote this to express my appreciation for the event and let my audience know that these events are totally worth attending. All photos are my own and I paid for my ticket to attend.

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