Hotel Review: Four Points Tallahassee Downtown

Hey there!

Here’s a random small town for you that’s popular in Florida and is remembered by the rest of America during college football. Tallahassee, FL. I had the pleasure of traveling there a couple weeks ago for work and decided to do a review of my favorite hotel there.

Typically I stay at the Four Points by Sheraton right on West Tennessee because it’s far away enough from the Capitol to be unseen and far enough from campus to avoid the noise, but close enough that my shuttle ride is 3 minutes. It’s a safe hotel and incredibly clean. The staff is very friendly and makes sure all my needs are met. Each room comes with two water bottles, which sounds ridiculous, but many hotels I’ve been to charge you for the water. (Rude.)


My only complaint goes to the pillows. Maybe it’s a preference thing, but I truly felt like I was suffocating. Too fluffy that your head will sink and you will wake up with a very sore neck. I’d totally recommend that they change their pillows, but that may be an expensive thing. The mattresses are heavenly and immaculate. I love their beds because it’s a better sleep than I ever get.


The nerd in me appreciates the spacious desk with USB ports and plugs for my electronic devices. The wardrobe holds a giant ironing board, which came in clutch for me, and a mirror that’s perfect for #ootd shots. The Keurig doesn’t hurt, but I prefer espresso and that’s not an option here. Next to the wardrobe, not pictured, is a tiny microwave and refrigerator.


The lobby leads to their tiny pool and gym area which are perfect for the short trips people usually stay here for. Their lounge/restaurant area offers a variety of comfort foods and a full bar if you want to unwind but don’t want to leave the property. I love this hotel because it’s quiet, cozy, and away from the noise. They respect your privacy and they honor that you’re tired from work and that’s something I will always appreciate.

Safe Travels.



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