Miami Hotels: Intercontinental Miami Edition

Hello Everyone!

Recently Mister Miami and I enjoyed a little “staycation” at the Intercontinental Miami Hotel where he was scheduled to give a presentation. I embraced the opportunity of enjoying my favorite kind of life…which is the hotel life…and walked around while I was there to capture some pictures for you guys.


One of my favorite parts of this hotel is the lobby. It is so luxurious and elegant with a twist of Miami chic. The marble detail and the comfortable areas to lounge in really offer a welcoming atmosphere.


The Intercontinental is an excellent place to host events. I’ve been to a few galas here as well as a couple Homecoming celebrations in high school. The view from the ballrooms all the way to the back of the hotel includes a portion of the Miami skyline and Port of Miami.


One neat thing that I noticed here and have not seen at any other hotel before is that their elevators have touch-screen computers where you can select what floor you want to go to. Valet is $45 per day or you can park your car across the street for $2 an hour, but the traffic in this area is so heavy that it didn’t seem worth the savings.


The pool is adjacent to the Bluewater restaurant and bar. You can use the towels provided, but you must leave them before entering the hotel again. I wasn’t able to enjoy the pool as it was too chilly for my Miami standards. The opposite side of the pool area is a jogging area for the overachievers that workout while on vacation.


The view while jogging may motivate you a little more. Rest assured that you can relax on your way out at their spa. DSC_0021.JPG

We had dinner at the restaurant in the main lobby area called Toro Toro which was delicious! I ordered the Truffle Fries and Fried Brussel Sprouts for lunch and passed out from happiness. We also enjoyed the Parmesan seared scallops which were the most delicate scallops I’ve ever had in my life. Definitely recommend going to Toro Toro even if you’re not staying at the Intercontinental.

Tip: Join their rewards program. You get a free Starbucks coffee or tea per person WiFi which is more essential now than water.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed the disconnect.

Disclaimer: This stay was not sponsored, nor was the post. All these photographs are mine, unless stated otherwise.



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