3 Things To Do on Miami “Winter” Days

Miami mainly has one season and that’s SUMMER (read in Olaf voice)! It’s warm here most of the time but every once in a while Mother Nature gives us a break and allows us to wear Uggs boots in a frigid 67 degrees. (I know…you’re from Colorado and it’s -67 half the year. We pray for you.)

This weekend it’s supposed to drop into the 40’s which is unheard of but we are, needless to say, ecstatic! I wanted to share a few things you can do here in Miami when the weather isn’t at melting temperatures.

Hit The Beach!


Yes, you read that correctly. The beach is so beautiful when it’s cooler here in Miami. They’re typically empty early in the mornings and it’s a refreshing way to start your morning. We really enjoy having a breakfast picnic at Bill Baggs State Park (for Miamians who don’t know…that’s “El Farito”.) Use those blankets you buy at Home Goods and never use because it’s too hot here for a blanket and cuddle up on the sand with a good book. Can’t go wrong with the ocean, a cool breeze, and some delicious food.

Outdoor Shopping!

Miami is not the place for outdoor malls, but we have so many of them I’d need an entire blog to list them for you. I really enjoy visiting The Falls or Merrick Park when the weather is cooler because it is a much more enjoyable experience than it would be on any other day. Yardhouse at Merrick Park has a lovely view of the mall if you choose outdoor seating. Miracle Mile is an excellent spot to stroll down, but right now I’d steer clear because of the massive amounts of construction.


Right next to Bayside at the Bayfront Park you can take outdoor yoga classes that regularly feel like sauna yoga. You can also enjoy the many parks around Miami-Dade County that offer exercise equipment for a solid workout. My favorite place to burn some calories is Tropical Park because it is close to home and big enough for me to see a lake, some ducks, the one “mountain” in Miami and then I can take it a step further and walk to La Carreta on Bird Road and enjoy a warm coffee. Can’t go wrong with Cuban coffee.

Enjoy wearing your sweaters for a few days fellow Miamians!



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