Welcome 2018!

Happy New Year!

2018 arrived way faster than I expected. It’s only the second day and I am already filled with ideas and goals that I am eager to see come into fruition. Hopefully you all are overwhelmed with joy and excitement as well. For the past two years I have been applying the following three tips to make sure I have a productive, healthy and fun year. I wanted to share them with you in hopes that you will find some inspiration and/or motivation to have your best year yet.

Write It Down

There are so many amazing applications out there for reminders and for scheduling. I use a few of them and find them quite useful, but I always find myself going back to pen and paper. I have a planner that I bought at Marshall’s a few months ago. It runs for almost two years which helps me stick to one book rather than having to keep purchasing agendas. Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, Target, Walmart, and Amazon have tons of affordable options when it comes to agendas and notebooks that are easy to tote around.

I write out my monthly goals and events so I know what I need to plan outfits for and what I need to get gifts for. It really helps when I budget out my month to know that I need to incorporate a baby shower gift or six bottles of wine for a dinner party. As for my goals, I typically lay out different things for the year. For example: I have my dental appointments set up for February and August. I know that in January I have to schedule my dentist appointment. (Miami doctor appointments are nightmares so you need at least a month in advance.) If colors help you, go for it. I separate items by pages. (School, Work, Life, Shopping, Goals, etc.)

Let It Out. Let It Go.

The new year is my favorite time to declutter all aspects of my life. I start with my email inbox and my phone notifications. The best thing I have done for myself in the past couple months is deactivating my social media accounts that have nothing to do with the blog and turning off notifications. I have become much more productive and more organized. The constant ringing of my phone between work and personal emails was going to have me roll my eyes into another dimension. I left the work ones on and I check my personal emails twice a day. For my emails, I unsubscribed from everything I don’t read.

I went through my make-up last week and threw away everything that was expired, oxidized, or just not my style anymore. I managed to put everything in one organizer and my palettes in a drawer. (I apologize to the make-up obsessed. Make-up expires and I don’t need a crazy amount of it if I know what works well for me. I love make-up, but I hate waste.) I did the same with my clothing and undies. Most of it I posted on my Poshmark and the other items I donated. Cleaning up and tidying up makes me feel refreshed and ready to conquer. If my work and living space are clear, my mind will not go haywire.

Document Life

Life flies by. It truly does. Five minutes ago I was graduating in April 2017 and it’s now January 2018. Where did time go? One of my biggest passions is memorabilia. I love holding onto things without hoarding. My magnets from my travel serve as office decorations, so it’s not clutter. However, the best type of memory is the one where you and your loved ones are involved. Photographs and videos are my number one thing. They do not have to necessarily go on social media, but I know of families and couples that share an account on Instagram to keep things all in one place. What I do is I use the Snapfish application and order 100 prints each month. Some photos I order doubles and triples of for grandma’s and mother’s-in-law. It keeps everyone in the loop and I can scrapbook to decompress.

Happy New Year!


*Disclaimer: The stores and services mentioned here did not sponsor this post. The photos I order on Snapfish I pay with my own money and the same goes for the agendas and notebooks.


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