Date Night Idea: Miami Heat Game

Hi Everyone!

The word boring never comes to mind when describing Miami. There is always something to do in Miami and because of that sometimes things may get overwhelming and we end up not doing anything. I wanted to start a new series called: “Date Night Idea” where I will feature something to do in Miami that might inspire you on your next date night.

My boyfriend and I (read: my boyfriend) are Miami Heat season ticket holders. (In case you are wondering…no we are not over the fact that Dwayne Wade left.) We really enjoy the sport and the games are incredibly exciting. Not to mention the amount of celebrities there is insane.



Tickets are pretty affordable and you can always count on one, unless it’s the Playoffs. When we don’t have tickets, but we want to see a team we typically go onto Ticketmaster OR we check StubHub.

Food & Drinks

If I am having an “adult beverage” I typically order the Bacardi Double Mojito. These are pricey, but if you’re like me and you milk your drinks you will be fine. Food this season is a little different. There are a few new vendors and they decided to take away the best one (Pincho Factory) which is truly depressing. This past game we went to against the Chicago Bulls was my first game this season. I had my usual drink, but ordered the worst nachos at Bodega. Their tacos are amazing, but the nachos are really dry, so my advice is to steer clear. Haagen Daaz is always a favorite as well.



You can pretty much go as casual as you’d like (this does not mean pajamas) but I am not the type of person that is casual so I always wear heels.

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 10.29.57 PM.png

Outfit details: Shoes are from Nordstrom by Michael Kors (super old); Jeans: Black High-Waisted from Forever 21; Jersey: Miami Heat Dwayne Wade #3.



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