South Beach Seafood Festival

Hello Everyone!

Over the weekend South Beach hosted the South Beach Seafood Festival and that’s how I celebrated my birthday. There were various events during the weekend, but we attended the festival on Saturday with the VIP passes. The bars were open (read: wide open) and in the VIP section had various little tents where you could eat for free. The tents outside charged for the food, in cash or tickets, and the lines were so ridiculous. There is honestly no other word for it.

I wanted to highlight the two places we enjoyed the most within the VIP Lounge.


The first one was Papa’s Raw Bar where they had shrimp cocktails, ceviche, and the most delicious squid salad I have ever tasted. It was infused with soy sauce and I swear I must have had at least seven of these little cups. My boyfriend’s favorite part of their kiosk were their oyster shooters. This consisted of a raw oyster with vodka, hot sauce, and horse radish. Very delicious, but very dangerous.


Next up was American Social and they made the most delicious paella I have ever had in my life. There were so many ingredients it’s hard to list them all. The chorizo stood out the most and the mussels as well. We loved the seasoning and the consistency of the paella. The key is to make sure the rice isn’t dry and the seafood either.


To keep the tradition — the outfit details for my little birthday staycation: Top is from Marshalls; Shorts are Gap Shorts; Sandals are Jack Rogers; Hat is from Charming Charlie.



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