Cabana Bay Beach Resort

Welcome back!

Today I continue my blog posts on Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. I wanted share with you all my experience at the Cabana Bay Beach Resort. The resort is adjacent to Volcano Bay and is a Universal Orlando property as well so you have access to City Walk, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure through shuttle because you are on property.


Cabana Bay Perks!

  • The resort is right next to Volcano Bay so you can walk to the park bright and early and walk right in. At least that’s how it went for us. It was such a simple stroll and because you are a resort guest, you have access to the park an hour prior to the park opening. (This helps because Volcano Bay takes no time in reaching capacity.)
  • The view from our room was SPECTACULAR. We could see park guests drop from the free-fall slides inside the Volcano and we could see both the pool and the lazy river from our window.
  • The resort is decorated in 1950’s and 1960’s decor and that makes it that much cuter. The toiletries are labeled as they were in that era and you can see details all around the resort. Including the bowling alley!
  • You won’t have to worry about being bored at the hotel all day if you can’t get into Volcano Bay. The resorts has two very large pools and a lazy river that is beyond refreshing.


Cabana Bay “Room for Improvement” Areas

  • Mornings are hectic when you are on vacation with three kids and need to get to a theme park before it’s full. I think it would be beneficial for both guests and their corporate offices if they added another area for families to enjoy breakfast. The line at Starbucks was quite lengthy and the buffets at the breakfast area were full as well.
  • My family and I were really excited about the lazy river. Everybody loves a lazy river but our excitement died down a lot when we were told that we had to buy the inner tubes. $47 later and we were able to float. They were overpriced and this isn’t something I was able to read about anywhere so you heard it here first…they charge for inner tubes. (Some are as high as $15!)
  • Maybe we were disoriented or maybe not, but when we left the building we were staying at (The Americana) we could only find one way to leave the resort. The line went slowly and it went around the lot because it appears that there’s only one way to exit Cabana Bay. The wait added 45 minutes to our trip back to Miami.

At the end of the day we had fun and really enjoyed the wonderful parts about Cabana Bay. The proximity to Volcano Bay didn’t hurt either. We would probably stay again if we revisited Volcano Bay, but we hope that these minor issues won’t be there anymore.





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