Perricone’s Marketplace & Cafe

The boyfriend and I are all about date night. Especially ones that include delicious food and a captivating atmosphere. This weekend we decided to change our scenery a bit and head over to Brickell (we live in Kendall…if you’re from here, you know.) where we had dinner at Perricone’s Marketplace & Cafe. I had never been before, but this used to be my boyfriend’s favorite lunch spot.


The tomato stuffed mussels were one of the best I have ever tried. The tomatoes added texture and meatiness to the mussels without taking away from the actual seafood taste. The white wine sauce was exquisite with their toasted bread. (Between us, I had seconds on the bread.)

Wine.jpgSpeaking of white wine… This Robert Weil Riesling was one of the smoothest Rieslings I have ever tried. It was not as sweet as many others I’ve had and it went well with my meal despite me breaking one of the cardinal rules of wine and food.


I had red meat and white wine. *shame* I was in the mood for lamb chops and was a little concerned with these because they are pistachio crusted. The pistachios added so much flavor to the lamb and the crunch didn’t hurt either. I always order my meats medium rare and it’s RARE that they get that right anywhere, but they did get it here.

The only downside was dessert. The Key Lime Pie was not my favorite. So much so that I returned it and I never ever do that at restaurants. My waiter felt bad because he saw my face of disappointment and offered to exchange it for a tiramisu, apparently his favorite, and it wasn’t half bad.

Apparently the Cannolis are where it’s at.

Totally recommend stopping by and enjoying a meal here. The ambiance is very pleasant and the staff is both accommodating and sweet. Overall a lovely experience.



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