Dollar Shave Club

It’s quite funny how word of mouth works better than any form of advertising or marketing. At least in my opinion. Catchy phrases help too, but they have to be groundbreaking such as “Can you hear me now?” from Verizon or “Have it your way!” from Burger King to actually make an impact.

For a few years now I have noticed a multitude of pins on Pinterest talking about a subscription service for razors. I really did not pay any mind to it and continued buying, what I thought, was a better quality razor simply because it was specifically designed for women.

Until January of this year when a friend of mine came over to my office for a meeting and started talking about her 2017 Resolutions. One of her resolutions was to simplify her life by making life work for her instead of her working for life. She started doing this by outsourcing many of her chores. Of course, these come with fees and can get a bit expensive but she went shopping before she made any decisions. I was looking around for a birthday gift that my boyfriend would benefit from and the epiphany hit me when she mentioned Dollar Shave Club.

Dollar Shave Club is a subscription service for razor blades but they offer many other products that we use on a daily basis. For example, shaving cream and lotions. They even offer products for your hair. Now, I have not tried them but my friend is in love with her hair mousse from their brand. You receive an email at the end of the month asking you to approve what you are going to receive in your next shipment. A typical shipment includes four blades and your first kit comes with a razor handle that could go to war for you. It’s only $6 a month and I can honestly tell you that neither the Boyfriend nor I are going back to drugstore razors.

We love knowing we don’t have to go out to buy razors and that we’re receiving quality blades each month for just $6! It is a no-brainer. We are saving time and money. We have fresh blades every week and our skin isn’t irritated. You can try it out for free! Just head on over to Dollar Shave Club.

Father’s Day is coming up and we all know Dad enjoys a close shave. *hint hint*

**Disclaimer: This post is neither sponsored nor was I paid to have a certain opinion of Dollar Shave Club. They only know me because I subscribe to them, but that’s probably their computer knowing me and not actually anyone at the company. I did not receive any free products or money for this post.**



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