Gingham Obsession

My love for gingham started in 9th grade and no one really understood why I loved it, but fashion is meant to be appreciated not understood. Now gingham is everywhere and I can’t say I am upset about it because, well, I’m not. My closet cannot handle another gingham dress, top, shorts, or shoes. (I’ll still buy it.)

This weekend my family and I spent sometime investing in orchids. I say investing because they’re expensive, time consuming, but totally worth it. We visited the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden Orchid show and I wanted to share my outfit with you all as well my favorite shot of all the orchids I photographed at the festival.



Outfit Details: Dress (TJ Maxx) — Similar options here, here, and here. Sandals: Unisa from DSW. They are no longer available, but these are a great alternative. Hat: Bijoux Turner — I found a few options for you here, here, and here. My bracelet is the Love Freshwater Pearl bracelet by a local jewelry designer in Miami named Roxy Collante.


Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. I paid for the festival and the orchids myself as well as all my outfit items. All photos featured are mine.



Hotel Review: Four Points Tallahassee Downtown

Hey there!

Here’s a random small town for you that’s popular in Florida and is remembered by the rest of America during college football. Tallahassee, FL. I had the pleasure of traveling there a couple weeks ago for work and decided to do a review of my favorite hotel there.

Typically I stay at the Four Points by Sheraton right on West Tennessee because it’s far away enough from the Capitol to be unseen and far enough from campus to avoid the noise, but close enough that my shuttle ride is 3 minutes. It’s a safe hotel and incredibly clean. The staff is very friendly and makes sure all my needs are met. Each room comes with two water bottles, which sounds ridiculous, but many hotels I’ve been to charge you for the water. (Rude.)


My only complaint goes to the pillows. Maybe it’s a preference thing, but I truly felt like I was suffocating. Too fluffy that your head will sink and you will wake up with a very sore neck. I’d totally recommend that they change their pillows, but that may be an expensive thing. The mattresses are heavenly and immaculate. I love their beds because it’s a better sleep than I ever get.


The nerd in me appreciates the spacious desk with USB ports and plugs for my electronic devices. The wardrobe holds a giant ironing board, which came in clutch for me, and a mirror that’s perfect for #ootd shots. The Keurig doesn’t hurt, but I prefer espresso and that’s not an option here. Next to the wardrobe, not pictured, is a tiny microwave and refrigerator.


The lobby leads to their tiny pool and gym area which are perfect for the short trips people usually stay here for. Their lounge/restaurant area offers a variety of comfort foods and a full bar if you want to unwind but don’t want to leave the property. I love this hotel because it’s quiet, cozy, and away from the noise. They respect your privacy and they honor that you’re tired from work and that’s something I will always appreciate.

Safe Travels.


Sunday Rituals

Hello There!

All over Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook I see articles and blog posts on how to have a successful week starting on Sunday. “A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.”  I could not agree with that quote more. Some of these articles encourage you to do insane amounts of work on Sundays which is not realistic. At least not for me, considering there are 3 kids running around the house so I prepare for the week by organizing myself in the most stressful areas.



Note: Marshalls and Home Goods have great options for agendas/planners. That’s where I bought this one.

Part of my day job requires that I run one of the most hectic and insane calendars known to the world. I thank God for this opportunity on a daily basis because thanks to it being so rigorous, I know how to better organize my calendar for the week. On Sundays I wake up and Mister Miami typically takes care of breakfast because he’s a champ like that. If we don’t go to brunch, I grab my laptop and agenda and write out what’s going on during the week for me. I make sure all activities are on the calendar. Granted, I am probably a psycho and I color code everything. Google Calendar is my favorite one and that’s what I use for everything.

I use red for work events, light blue for the kids and Mister Miami, lavender for my personal events/appointments, green for school items, and orange of birthdays. The Skinny Confidential’s Lauryn Evarts wrote an article a while back where she explains her method of scheduling and it has changed my life. She blocks off time to write, read, exercise, eat, etc. I do that as well and it has really made me more organized and productive. Focusing on one thing at a time makes a HUGE difference.

Lay It Out

The way we are raised dictates how organized or disorganized we are later on in life. At least that’s how I feel. My parents are both psycho obsessed with cleanliness, organization and preparation. The joke is (somber and rude, I know) that my mother has the outfit for the funeral before the person has passed away. Unfortunately/Fortunately, I inherited this madness and one of their tricks is to layout their outfit for the next day the night before. I have seen this mentioned in other posts, but I don’t know of many people who actually practice it. My mornings are way smoother because of this and if you really love yourself, do this for the kid’s uniforms.

Meal Planning


I honestly do not want to spend my entire Sunday cooking. I have Housewives to catch up on and 18,000 loads of laundry. What I do is look up recipes on Pinterest and try a new one every week, or at least try. Based on that I order my groceries on Instacart. This app service has changed our lives. We don’t impulse buy we have a list and we’re just searching for the items we need. We save time and gas as well. The main stores I use it for are Publix and Costco, both of which are psycho on the weekends. You pay for groceries and get your sanity back. (I always pray they’ll add Trader Joe’s.) My handy dandy magnetic note pad helps me keep track of what we’re cooking the next day.

Have a great week!


Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. All items/services mentioned I bought with my own money and/or I pay for on a monthly basis.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hello there!

Valentine’s Day is an interesting holiday that has blown up over the years with more and more gift ideas. You have your overachieving couples that buy each other exotic adventure packages and then you have the couples that have dinner. There are a million ways to celebrate. My favorite (read the following super sarcastically) are the couples that throw out there their love and tell the world that Valentine’s Day is everyday for them. They don’t need a “commercialized holiday” in order to express their love. Cool dude.


The purpose of my post today is to spread love to all of you reading this as well as to my #1 fan…Mister Miami. Mister Miami is the most patient person I have ever met. The guy is more about chess than he is UFC and what I mean by that is that he’s more about tactic than he is about aggression and that’s a super plus! He does not need to prove himself as a man by acting like King Kong.

He is kind. So kind and misunderstood by many because the poor guy is as absentminded as a goldfish. You can tap a glass and he will swim right back. MM is the person that pushed me to start writing again because he fell in love with me through my first blog. He is my photographer, IT Department, editor, and creative director (when it comes to poses). The best father figure to the kids and the most loyal friend you will ever have.

I love him more than words can express and I pray that you all experience a love like Mister Miami at least once in your life.

Love you all!


Seeing Miami: Top 5 Fave Restaurants

Hello Everyone!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and restaurant reservations are the one thing many couples leave to the last minute. I wanted to share a few of my favorite restaurants here in Miami to take a peek at during the upcoming days. The restaurants are all of different cuisines , price ranges, and areas of Miami.

Hole in the Wall: Sapore di Mare

THERE. ARE. NO. WORDS. This restaurant is incredibly tiny, but the Italian flavors are large enough to flood Coconut Grove. The staff welcomes you like family with hugs and kisses and then they start offering you all sorts of amazing dishes. My favorite is the Truffle Fettuccine because it transports me to another place. My boyfriend really enjoys the seafood pasta because they include every creature that roams the ocean. TOTALLY recommend this restaurant for any event, but if you like small restaurants on Valentine’s Day this is the place to go. Book early — they don’t have many tables.

Higher End “Fru Fru”: Toro Toro (Intercontinental Miami)


Mister Miami and I recently enjoyed dinner at Toro Toro while we stayed at the Intercontinental Miami (I detail our stay here). Nothing we ate went home with us because we devoured it. Happy Hour had bottles of champagne 50% off so you know my Moet Chandon Rose obsession was noted. The photo shows their Parmesan Crusted Scallops 30 seconds before I practically inhaled them. They are laid on a bed of a citrusy, creamy foam that really added an interesting texture. You must must must try their Truffle Fries and the Fried Brussels Sprouts. Thank me later.

Fusion ~ Funky: Finka Table & Tap


Imagine an Islas Canarias croqueta but with Kimchi inside. Yes. Finka sells those glorious croquetas that will transform your life. They also have Tostones with Vaca Frita over them. Finka is the interesting restaurant in the middle of a Miami suburb that no one expected but everyone loves now. Their drink menu is extensive and pretty amazing as well. The concept here is Cuban Fusion so you will see many Cuban dishes with a Japanese/Asian twist. Eileen and her crew are picky about their ingredients and you can  bet your life nothing here is frozen. *Fun Fact: The image that brought you to this post is a drink from Finka called Champagne Papi*

Calm, Cool, Delicious: Pincho Factory


Hear me out. There are a million Pincho Factory restaurants in Miami and they are all the same great service and food. Some couples don’t care for frill but care for flavor and that’s not something that is lacking at Pincho. My favorite is the Pincho Burger, which you can never go wrong with, and their cheese fries. My boyfriend enjoys their Chicken Salad and the Sweet Potato Tots. They don’t require a reservation and if their tables are full, you can go home with your food and enjoy a romantic dinner at home just as well.

Go-To To-Go: Sushi Sake


If you follow my InstaStories you know for a fact that we order from Sushi Sake on a weekly basis. We took a 2 week break and the delivery guy was worried when he came back to the house (we have a problem.) I am seriously addicted to the Dolphins Roll and the Soft Shell Crab. My week is not complete without it. If you want something sushi but don’t want the madness that is Downtown Miami, this is place to go. Their Bird Road location offers Hibachi that truly gives Samurai a run for its money. You may want to make a reservation, or order from home.

*Disclaimer: This post isn’t sponsored. All these photos are mine and were taken by me with my iPhone during times that I have visited the restaurant mention. We were not paid to go to the restaurant or write this post. I just wanted to share my favorite places to eat in Miami on date night.

Happy Valentine’s Day!




Miami Hotels: Intercontinental Miami Edition

Hello Everyone!

Recently Mister Miami and I enjoyed a little “staycation” at the Intercontinental Miami Hotel where he was scheduled to give a presentation. I embraced the opportunity of enjoying my favorite kind of life…which is the hotel life…and walked around while I was there to capture some pictures for you guys.


One of my favorite parts of this hotel is the lobby. It is so luxurious and elegant with a twist of Miami chic. The marble detail and the comfortable areas to lounge in really offer a welcoming atmosphere.


The Intercontinental is an excellent place to host events. I’ve been to a few galas here as well as a couple Homecoming celebrations in high school. The view from the ballrooms all the way to the back of the hotel includes a portion of the Miami skyline and Port of Miami.


One neat thing that I noticed here and have not seen at any other hotel before is that their elevators have touch-screen computers where you can select what floor you want to go to. Valet is $45 per day or you can park your car across the street for $2 an hour, but the traffic in this area is so heavy that it didn’t seem worth the savings.


The pool is adjacent to the Bluewater restaurant and bar. You can use the towels provided, but you must leave them before entering the hotel again. I wasn’t able to enjoy the pool as it was too chilly for my Miami standards. The opposite side of the pool area is a jogging area for the overachievers that workout while on vacation.


The view while jogging may motivate you a little more. Rest assured that you can relax on your way out at their spa. DSC_0021.JPG

We had dinner at the restaurant in the main lobby area called Toro Toro which was delicious! I ordered the Truffle Fries and Fried Brussel Sprouts for lunch and passed out from happiness. We also enjoyed the Parmesan seared scallops which were the most delicate scallops I’ve ever had in my life. Definitely recommend going to Toro Toro even if you’re not staying at the Intercontinental.

Tip: Join their rewards program. You get a free Starbucks coffee or tea per person WiFi which is more essential now than water.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed the disconnect.

Disclaimer: This stay was not sponsored, nor was the post. All these photographs are mine, unless stated otherwise.


Norwegian Getaway: What I Wore

If you’ve never run away and escaped Thanksgiving, you are seriously depriving yourself of a relaxing experience. Thanksgiving is about being thankful and while I am all for being thankful for family, we need to be thankful for ourselves and our ability to explore the world. Which is why I think we all owe it to ourselves to participate in #EscapeGiving at least once. When that concept dawned on me, I ran it by Mister Miami (what I’ve decided we’re going to call my boyfriend), and he totally agreed so we booked the Norwegian Getaway for Thanksgiving 2017. (Best. Decision. Ever.) I know I am late posting this but Summer outfits in December did not seem like an appropriate post.

Embarkation Day!


I basically went on a 7-day fashion show, but that is okay. I take my outfits very seriously in my daily life and I promise to try and feature them more on here and Instagram as well. This was what I wore to embark the ship. My hat was a gift from a friend, but I believe it is from Forever 21. Top is from Prinzzesa Boutique here in Miami (one of my favorite places for statement pieces). Pants are from TJ Maxx and I bought them late in the summer last year. They do stretch out, but nothing shows. Sandals are Jack Rogers Palm Beach Style. I bought on Rue La La with a HUGE discount.

Roatan, Honduras


We were the least bit hopeful that we were going to enjoy this Port of Call because we were welcomed by a rainy morning. Apparently that’s the norm in rainforest type islands. We toured 1/4 of the island with a gentleman that drove us around and took us to the local’s spots. We had delicious local fish for lunch.

DSC_0645 My hat is from Forever 21 and it’s a tad bit old but fedoras are never out of style. Target has cute options here and Nordstrom has this beauty . My tank top is a dri-fit material tank top from Walmart — no shame or shaming — they’re soft and the most comfortable tanks you’ll have in your life. Walmart has them here for $3 and the color variety is insane. Shorts are Old Navy and I have them in about four different colors. Totally recommend these for tropical vacations because they breathe and they keep you dry throughout the day. You can find them here. Necklace is from Prinzessa Boutique here in Miami. Sandals are Sperry’s Parrotfish sandals and I am MADLY in love with them because they dry up quickly and are little clouds for your feet.

Harvest Caye, Belize


Bikini pictures are not my favorite. I wore over this bathing suit a tank top like the one above but in Hunter Green because we went ZipLining! What an incredible adventure that I 100% recommend. Harvest Caye is a little bit ridiculous in the sense that it’s the company’s private island but they charge you $15 for a drink (even if you have a beverage package) and around $18 for a burger when there are buffets on the ship. Vacations are vacations, but for a 7 day ship this should’ve been included.

Costa Maya, Mexico


We were actually here on Thanksgiving Day which made it even better. In Mexico they were celebrating with us and asking us what exactly and who exactly we give thanks to on Thanksgiving. Interesting conversation to say the least. My dress is from Marshalls which makes it difficult to link it, but if you follow me on Poshmark (prestiffany) you may be seeing it soon. The sandals are also from Prinzessa’s Boutique here in Miami. ASOS has similar ones here and CiciHot (never shopped from this site) has the EXACT same ones for just $7.99.


All in all we really enjoyed the Norwegian Getaway. I took tons of notes so let me know if you’re interested in an in-depth post on the ship and all the great things it has to offer.

Happy Shopping!